Adult Acne Treatments That Work, and Work Well

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re one of the millions of adults who suffer from adult acne.

Adults already have a lot to deal with. What with the onset of wrinkles and grey hair, many of these adults are dealing with acne at the same time. Just when you thought you left acne behind forever, here it is again. Life seems a bit unfair at times. Luckily, you don’t have to grin and bear it like you did in your teenage years. Nowadays, there are simple ways to treat and prevent adult acne.

Before you can properly treat it, you must know what causes adult acne.

The American Academy of Dermatology reports that the four basic mechanisms that cause acne are bacteria, hormones, changes inside hair follicles, and finally, increased sebum production.

The latter occurs when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, which causes inflammation and the growth of bacteria. So, simply speaking, acne occurs when follicles and sebaceous glands become inflamed.

There is a way to eradicate adult acne, but you must be persistent… and consistent.

The first thing you should do is to find a dermatologist. A dermatologist will be able to advise you of the best acne treatments based on several important factors such as your age, skin type, medical history, etc. If your acne is severe, your dermatologist may prescribe an antibiotic to combat infection, Isotretinoin or another vitamin A derivative, or one of the many acne treatments that are now widely available.

Use products that do not block your skin pores. These products are called non-comodogenic, and there are many non-comodegenic products available on the market. You can purchase non-comodegenic makeup, sunscreen, lipstick, facial washes, moisturizers… the list is endless.

Chances are, whatever beauty product you’re using has a non-comodegenic version of it. There are actually makeup products out there that are non-comodegenic and medicated, and have acne-fighting components such as salicylic acid, sulfur and benzoyl peroxide. These products promise to work doubly hard by not clogging your pores and treating adult acne.

Never underestimate the importance of proper skin care. Using a gentle facial cleanser that contains sulfur, benzoyl peroxide or sulfur will eliminate bacteria that cause adult acne. One such product that millions of people swear by is Proactiv Solution. However, whether you decide to use Proactive or another product, do not scrub your face. Scrubbing can irritate your skin further and aggravate your acne.

Even though there is no permanent cure for acne, there are a myriad of effective acne treatments available today to treat the symptoms of acne. You can determine the best course of action in treating your acne by going over your options with a dermatologist.

So don’t feel too downhearted… there are so many acne treatments out there that can help you in clearing up your acne. It’s not a long shot to believe that one morning, you’ll wake up, look in the mirror up and see a face with skin that is clear, healthy, and totally adult-acne-free.

In fact, it’s only a matter of time that your adult acne will be like your disastrous first prom… a thing in your distant memory.

Adult Diaper Use Is Safe

Not only is the use of adult diaper products safe, it is also a great deal more sanitary than not using a product specifically designed to handle urine leaks. Diapers for adults are not the same thing as sanitary napkins and provide more absorbency than these products can offer. There is a wide range of products available for those suffering from incontinence or bladder control problems that will meet the needs of each individual user.

Incontinence problems can cause skin irritation when the skin is exposed to urine for even small lengths of time. The use of adult disposable diapers removes the moisture from the skin immediately by absorbing the urine into the padding of the diaper. The product prevents the skin from being irritated by urine and some products can absorb large amounts of urine for those who suffer from extreme bladder control issues.

Many adults suffer from a complete inability to control the bladder muscles and may not even be able to recognize or feel the need to urinate. These adults require a very absorbent type of diaper that can remove the moisture from the skin and prevent serious deterioration. Disposable diapers allow caregivers to quickly change the undergarments and dispose of the used product easily.

Using a disposable adult diaper is also safe after a surgical procedure that may have temporarily caused an incontinence problem such as prostate surgery. These patients are able to go about their daily business without being confined to the house because of temporary incontinence. Patients who have had surgery to correct an incontinence problem can use the adult garments as added protection until their incontinence symptoms are improved.

The materials used to make the adult diapers absorbent are completely safe for their intended use. The materials on the interior of the diaper absorb the urine, while the outer materials prevent it from leaking out of the diaper. These materials do not cause any skin irritation or harm when you are wearing them.

Most of the very absorbent adult diapers can hold much more than most people require in their adult diaper. Incontinence for many people is largely made up of small instances of urine leakage during activities such as coughing, sneezing, laughing or lifting heavy objects. Those without any control over their bladder muscles require the stronger absorbency products.

The benefits of adult diapers far outweigh any inconvenience that they may cause. It is true that an adult diaper will never feel like your own underwear, but many of the products are comfortable to wear for long periods when they are dry. Finally, the adult diaper brings flexibility and mobility to the lives of many people suffering from incontinence problems. Using these products will not cause any ill health effects or discomfort.

Sell on eBay – Finding the Ultimate eBay Product

  The single biggest dilemma an eBay seller faces is finding products to sell, right? WRONG! It’s finding the right products to sell. Actually, it’s finding the “Ultimate” product to sell. It’s easy to find products to sell, they’re everywhere. But, finding a product that will consistently make money is the hard part. So, what is the “Ultimate” product to sell on eBay?

Here’s a clue, it’s the most searched for item on the internet and it’s not what you think. Not only is it not the “adult” product you were just thinking about, shame on you, it is the very reason the internet was created. Think you know what it is now? Keep reading and not only will the ultimate product be revealed but, you may already have it.

 Before we get to that, we need to define the qualities of the ultimate product:

  • It is very profitable
  • It is easy to deliver
  • It is in unlimited supply
  • It is owned and controlled by only by you, the only seller
  • It has no competition
  • It is easy to up-sell or cross-sell from

There is only one product that meets all of these criteria. That product is……. 


And it is not what you think, it is not selling “Get Rich Quick” or “MLM” courses. It is also not selling cheap, worthless, eBooks or other similar products. It absolutely must be high quality professional products, it you want to make serious long term income.

A quality product will do one of the following:

  • Teach a skill such as: speaking a foreign language, playing a musical instrument, etc.
  • Solve a common problem such as: acne, baldness, etc.
  • Help people, things like: raising kids, training a puppy, stop foreclosure, etc,
  • Entertain people

Information is clearly one of the best selling, most profitable products of all time. Most of the people surfing the internet right now, are looking for information. Give them what they are looking for and they will pay top dollar for it. Create a product once, sell it over and over again. After all, that’s how the richest man in the world got there! Software is just another form of information.

Do a quick search on eBay and you will find hundreds of information products for sale. Search completed auctions and you will see the same products selling over and over again. These sellers are making a killing and you can too!

Now I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking “I don’t want to write eBooks”. That’s perfectly fine, there are lots of other forms of information products you can create and sell. I am a firm believer that everyone is an expert at something. Make a video on dog training. Record you own CD. Write a cookbook from old family recipes. Sell plans or patterns of things you have built. Write a simple software program. Sell high quality digital photographs. You are only limited by your imagination. I bet you already have something in mind don’t you. The best selling product in eBay history hasn’t been created yet!

Create your own information product and you will never run out of something to sell. You decide how to deliver it. It could be a simple download , a DVD, or a hard copy book. You set the price. Sell a DVD for $19.95 that cost you $1.50 per copy. Talk about a high profit margin! And that’s not all, once you have created one product, you can create another. Now you have endless opportunities to up-up sell.

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